Expert warns of 'cyberterror' threat

At least 100 nation-states are investigating waging war by computer - so-called "cyberterrorism", the United States believes. That is the Central Intelligence Agency's estimate of organisations "looking at or actively developing information warfare…

Cyber-terrorism still a threat

Corporate and government computer users should not relax their guard just yet, with terrorist groups still suspected to be plotting cyber attacks a year after September 11.

When Terror Hides Online

This article from Time magazine is a perfect example of a journalist twisting interview comments to convey the journalist's message rather than the opinions of the interviewee.

A Most Deadly Game

TechTV's Cybercrime show interviewed me regarding Jim Bell's "Assassanitation Politics" essay. This was a tough interview as elements of the Bell case walk a fine line between civil liberties and civil security.

Chaos: The Coming Technology War

An interesting article from Newfactor that discusses our original DIRT concept from 1996.

Interview on Science Friday

I was on Science Friday on December 7, 2001 talking about cybersecurity issues. The entire staff for this show, from producer to host, were great to deal with. The interview session was also a lot of fun. Callers asked Kevin and I some really…

Hackers Vandalize 26 Government Sites

An interesting article from when this type of defacement activity made the news almost every week. They became so commonplace, even couldn't stand to keep up with the activity.

Weapons of Choice: How Terrorists Use the Web

Weapon of choice is a bit misleading. The ultimate weapon of choice for terrorists is a far cry from a computer keyboard, but this story ties into a lot of the public speaking I do on this topic.

A Brave New World Order: Tomorrow's Cybergeek Spies

I am not sure whether being called a cybergeek spy is a good or a bad thing. I am also not sure what this appeared in or when, but I found it on the net in electronic form.

Security Experts Warn of Holes in Lotus Domino

Can't say we didn't warn you. SDI and TrustFactory announced multiple Lotus vulnerabilities at DefCon 2000. The announcement actually attracted a lot of media attention, but we still wouldn't let them attend the party.