Current Ventures

OODA LLC helps their clients identify, manage, and respond to global risks and uncertainties while exploring emerging opportunities and developing robust and adaptive strategies for the future. OODA also operates the popular OODA Loop site and has a venture arm at OODA Ventures.

DEV Group is modern day holding company covering the spectrum of security, investing, media, strategy, and technology.  The company operates uniquely at the intersection of technology, security, and investing to accelerate disruptive innovation, help organizations manage dynamic environments, and unlock opportunity.  DEV Group also operates the Hack Factory a start-up studio, growth lab, and brainstorming community that builds companies based on new ideas and engages in rapid technology prototyping to enable disruptive solutions for a variety of complex problems and opportunities.

Past Ventures

Tulco is a differentiated holding company that seeks to disrupt large sectors of the economy through a collaborative and ongoing partnership between its subsidiaries and Tulco’s in-house shared services technology lab. While at Tulco, Mr. Devost also served as the General Manager of Tulco Labs which delivered high-value data science services to Tulco portfolio companies and the portfolio value increased from $500m to $950m in a one year period.

FusionX offers best in class technical assessment teams that will target your information assets using the highly tailored tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) of your most likely attackers – resulting in an assessment which will provide a true evaluation of the resiliency of your enterprise to a real-world attack. FusionX prides itself on a strong culture of bleeding-edge security research and on consistently identifying vulnerabilities that our competitors fail to identify.

FusionX clients engage them to model and replicate sophisticated adversary attacks, manage and respond to critical incidents, and improve their overall cyber risk management posture. In 2015 FusionX was acquired by Accenture but operates as an independent center-of-excellence within the company.

Upon the formation of the Accenture Security business unit, Matt served as the Global Cyber Defense lead. Matt joined Accenture in August 2015 upon their successful acquisition of FusionX, the company he had co-founded in 2010. Within the Cyber Defense practice, Matt’s team provided advisory, transformation, implementation and managed security services to help clients mitigate risks and take full advantage of advanced technologies and proven risk management models.

Terrorism Research Center, Inc. – Recognizing the need for a international center focusing on issues of terrorism and international security, Mr. Devost co-founded the Terrorism Research Center in 1996 and served as President and CEO until November 2008. Under Mr. Devost’s leadership, TRC developed into one of the world’s premiere research, training, consulting, intelligence and analysis organizations. In April 2006, TRC was acquired by E.P. Investments and was later absorbed into Total Intelligence Solutions as wholly-owned subsidiary. In 2012, the original co-founders re-established the Terrorism Research Center as a non-profit organization at

Total Intelligence Solutions, LLC – Mr. Devost was a founder and co-manager of Total Intelligence Solutions, LLC (Total Intel). Total Intel brought together the experience and collective knowledge of three well-established security organizations – The Black Group, Terrorism Research Center and Technical Defense – to provide Fortune 1000 companies with the only comprehensive and complete solution for private intelligence. Mr. Devost served as President of Total Intelligence Solutions during its first two years of operation.

U.S. Department of Defense – From 2010-2013 Mr. Devost held an appointment as a Special Government Employee to advise Department of Defense leadership on a variety of security related issues.

Georgetown University – Mr. Devost held an Adjunct Professor position at Georgetown University for 14 years, where he taught a graduate course entitled “Information Warfare and Security” from 2002-2016.

iSIGHT Partners – Mr. Devost served as the Chief Operations Officer for iSIGHT Partners, a global risk identification and mitigation company, where he managed a full-time staff of 80 personnel with offices in Dallas, Washington DC, China, India, Europe, and South America. Mr. Devost was responsible for all business operations including directly managing iSIGHT’s global threat intelligence, vulnerability, and assessment practices.

TechnicalDefense, Inc. – Mr. Devost co-founded Technical Defense, Inc. in 2000 to provide strategic information security consulting services to international corporations and governments. TechDef is a product agnostic, completely independent, consulting firm founded on the principle that when dealing with security issues…”technology is not enough!” It offers a holistic approach to security by providing experienced consultants to work with clients to help them implement a diligent security model for their enterprise.

Security Design International Inc. – Mr. Devost served as the Director of Operations at Security Design International, which emerged as one of the top technical vulnerability assessment companies in the world. SDII provided information security assessment and other professional consulting services to major corporations in every critical infrastructure segment. SDII was acquired by Cylink Corporation and later sold to Counterpane Internet Security.

iDEFENSE (Infrastructure Defense) – Mr. Devost was a founding employee of iDefense and served as its Director of Intelligence Analysis where he built a world-class cyber-intelligence capability which served Fortune 100 companies such as Microsoft and Citibank. Mr. Devost pioneered the development and delivery of iDefense’s core intelligence product, the iAlert and developed the analytical cadre to produce the product daily. iDefense was acquired by Verisign.

Counterpane Internet Security – Mr. Devost served as Director of Operations for Professional Services at Counterpane upon its acquisition of Security Design International, where Mr. Devost had served as Director of Operations.

Science Applications International – Mr. Devost was a Senior INFOSEC Engineer at SAIC where he helped build SAIC’s government information assurance practice. While at SAIC, Mr. Devost served a variety of customers including the Joint Staff, the Defense Information Systems Agency, and other U.S. DOD and intelligence community components. Mr. Devost was also responsible for establishing and serving as the director of the Coalition Vulnerability Assessment Team (CVAT) which red teamed classified coalition networks during military exercises.

SK Ventures, LLC – SK Ventures was an early stage venture capital firm investing in select opportunities. Mr. Devost is one of three founding partners in SK Ventures. SK Ventures attempted to buy the Wagamamas franchise rights for Washington DC, but was unsuccessful.

Homeland Security Resources, LLC – Mr. Devost has a minority stake in the site, which was spun-off from the Terrorism Research Center in April 2006.  The site, which was established in 2000 has long been a top destination for Homeland Security related content on the Internet.