TechTV’s Cybercrime show interviewed me regarding Jim Bell’s “Assassanitation Politics” essay. This was a tough interview as elements of the Bell case walk a fine line between civil liberties and civil security.

Jim Bell, a 46-year-old chemist and anti-government activist, is pushing the limits of free speech with his online manifesto entitled “Assassination Politics” or “AP.” First published in 1997, Bell advocated a system where the public could go online and vote to have unpopular government officials assassinated. This week on “CyberCrime” we investigate why law enforcement has a renewed concern over AP.

In our report, you’ll hear from Alan Hatcher, Treasury special agent in charge of investigating Bell, and Robb London, the lead prosecutor in the case. Plus, some insight into AP from high tech terrorism expert Matthew Devost, founding director of the Terrorism Research Center, and Darcy Bender, an expert in the use of chemical and biological weapons. There is a link to watch this online, but I haven’t been able to get it to work. Tech TV Link