The Web Is a Hacker's Playground

An article from PCWorld in which I am quoted. She didn't quite capture what I was trying to say regarding certification, but it is a decent article.

Computer Security: Who Won the Balkans Cyberwar

I am not sure I would classify this as warfare, but it is an interesting read anyway.

Internet-Based Attack Risk Distracts Organizations From Internal Trouble

SIGNAL Magazine came and interviewed myself and several others during my tenure at SDI. They were actually a very good organization to work with as they visited our site and really took time to conduct multiple interviews and to incorporate…

Hackers Intensify Fears Of Industrial Espionage

A story on information security risks that appeared in National Defense Magazine.

Hackers open door to Windows

Each year, I get numerous requests from the media to discuss events surrounding the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas. In this story, the Financial Times spoke to me about the role that WhiteHat hackers play in the security community. I am…

Was it You Who Attacked Yahoo?

The Guardian in the UK was one of several media outlets that ran with stories inspired by my DDOS editorial in 2000.

CNN Soundbite

The real exposure to information warfare or cyberterrorism attacks exists within the private sector. To that end, I said the following when interviewed by CNN in January 2000: "If you look at the likely targets of an attack by an adversary against…

Future Presence Interview

In February of 2000 I was interviewed for Future Presence, which is a publication of the Arlington Institute.  Given the length of the interview and the breadth of material covered, I think it makes for a very interesting read.

On-line Security - Lock Your Doors

In February, we saw an unprecedented salvo of denial-of-service attacks against major e-commerce sites, including Yahoo Inc., EBay Inc. and Inc. These attacks have cost millions of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention the intangible…