Cyber-Terrorism - Broadcast Monday 14 October 2002

There's no evidence yet of genuine cyber-terrorism. But that doesn't mean it won't happen. Terrorism expert Matthew Devost says cyber-terrorism is becoming likelier for two reasons: firstly, critical infrastructure is increasingly migrating to the…

Attempts to launch cyberwar on the rise

From Government Computer News - > "Cyberwarfare—a sustained digital attack on critical infrastructures—isn’t easy to wage, but there are indications that some groups might be preparing to try. “We really haven’t seen an act of cyberterror,” Matthew…

Government Technology Interview

The interesting thing is I don't even remember doing this interview! Enjoy... Matthew G. Devost: Ready the Defense States should be working with private organizations and companies to ensure critical infrastructure and information technology are…

Terror Experts Warn of New Attacks

US terrorism experts are warning that more work needs to be done to avoid further attacks by extremists. The warning comes as the second anniversary of September 11 draws near. The US Department of Homeland Security said it was confident the…

Blackout, Viruses Concern Congress

When modern life halted for millions in the Northeast last month, people throughout the country asked if a blackout could strike them. Members of Congress have a more frightening question: Could someone cause such havoc on purpose?

History Channel Interview

An interview I did for the History Channel is now running on a History Undercover episode entitled "Cyberterrorism". I don't know when it will repeat, so check you local listings. As with most interviews this one also brought an old friend out of…

Discussing Threat to Australians

Interestingly enough, this discussion took place only two weeks before the Bali attack.

CNN Aaron Brown Interview

An interesting segment with friends Schwartau, Steele, and the late Peter Black on emerging threats and scenarios.

And they call it journalism

UPDATE: I dropped an email to the author of the piece mentioned below noting my frustration with his methods and the misquote. To my surprise he actually responded with an apology and fixed the article. So the quote you will read below is…

ABC Radio (Australia) Speech Transcript

ABC Radio in Australia ran an edited version of a public speaking engagement I did while I was there. The broadcast ran well after I had left the country, so I didn't get a chance to hear it, but the transcript is available below.