Gov20Camp Reaction

I'll admit to being a bit skeptical about Gov20Camp when I heard that attendance was going to exceed 500 people.  While I am familiar and comfortable with the concept of a bar camp unconference, I just hard a hard time imaging how you organize such…

Google Voice impressions

Google Voice is an interesting service and seems to work well. A couple of observations: 1)Voicemail is not forwarded as an attachment via email. Every other service I have tested does that. 2)SMS integration is very nice and is one area where…

Kindle2 - initial review

I'm a big fan of the Kindle1 and decided to splurge for the second generation of the device.  Thus far, I've got to say I am happy with my purchase, but here's my twenty-four hour review. Software interface - The software interface is significantly…

Mac mini as video distribution platform

When I had my house built, I went to the trouble of trying to create a video distribution system that would allow one Tivo/DirectTV receiver to be controlled and broadcast throughout the house. While the system worked in theory, it was plagued with… to become

This is an interesting approach. I'll be curious to see how they make this work. Talk about signal to noise ratios....(AFP)

iPhone News Network

An interesting scenario developed on my drive home, that is a perfect demonstration of emerging technology. First, I read a Twitter message (while stopped at a red light!) that there was major Steve Jobs news and AAPL stock was tanking. I then saw a…

Good quote

Going to be thinking about this one going into the new year. There is no such thing as information overload, there’s only filter failure. - Clay Shirkey A little out of context, but still appropriate for 2009.

Back to the basement

Yesterday was my last day of employment at the Terrorism Research Center/TIS.  As an original co-founder of TRC in 1996 and it's only active President and CEO, I was able to grow the company beyond any of the expectations we originally had.  It has…

We are seeing the future of terrorist cells

Just posted over at the GroupIntel Blog. (Link)