Google Voice is an interesting service and seems to work well. A couple of observations:

1)Voicemail is not forwarded as an attachment via email. Every other service I have tested does that.

2)SMS integration is very nice and is one area where Google is ahead of the curve.

3)Granularity in settings is severely lagging. For example, I can not pick whether to ring my phones in sequence or all at once. I also can’t set it ring a certain number of times. I can not disable voicemail on the service (e.g. to always get the voicemail on my iPhone with Visual Voicemail). All services I’ve become used to.

4)There is only one widget badge to use…take it, leave it, or design your own.

5)Transcription is a nice service, but spotty at best.

6) No ability to port numbers into the service.

7) I’m worried about my number for life changing. This already happened to me once when the service was GrandCentral. I hope Google has a better handle on things.

If you are looking for a neat solution backed by a big player, Google Voice is worth taking a look at. However, if you need an enterprise class or small business solution, I would still recommend FreedomVoice or RingCentral, with RingCentral being my preferred vendor these days.