I have been publishing essays on international security and technology issues since 1993. In 1996, I was co-author on an award winning essay on information terrorism, which was subsequently published in the peer-reviewed journal Terrorism and Political Violence. My other writings are scattered within the Internet, but I’ve consolidated several of the more popular ones below.

Global Frequency Mailing list – Each week I hand-curate the top 7-10 cyber, security, and business stories of the week and distribute them with commentary to the Global Frequency list.

10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned over 20 Years – Realizing I had been red teaming professionally for 20 years, I decided to document my top 10 lessons learned.

Every Cyber Attacker is an Insider – An essay to bring some context to the presumption of breach as it relates to the private sector.

State Sponsored Cyber Threats – The Long View – A blog post documenting some of my thinking on state sponsored attacks against critical infrastructure, strategic penetration for future exploitation, and time-shifted intent. All concepts I’d been speaking about for years.

Best Security and Technology Books of 2016 – Some of the items on my 2016 list became required reading for executives in a Fortune 500 company.  Worth checking out.

We all live in the future now – An informal essay I wrote about international security and technology challenges we will be facing in coming years.

The Year of Living Cyberdangerously – Short blog post on the outlook for information security issues, where I predicted 2009 would be a watershed year.  It was.

All Done Except the Coding: Implementing the International Strategy for Cyberspace by Matthew G. Devost, Jeff Moss, Neal A. Pollard, & Robert J. Stratton III

Utilizing Terrorism Early Warning Groups to Meet the National Preparedness Goal – This paper articulates a vision for expanding the Terrorism Early Warning Group (TEW) network that meets the local and national requirements as specified in, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8: Interim National Preparedness Goal (HSPD-8).

Online Security: Lock Your Doors! – An editorial on information security and due diligence published in Electronic Business Week magazine.

National Security in the Information Age – Mr. Devost’s 1995 thesis on information warfare and national security has been published internationally and referenced in numerous international government reports.

Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster? – This paper on cyberterrorism received the prestigious Sun Tzu award from the National Defense University and has been reprinted in numerous books and academic journals including the peer reviewed Terrorism and Political Violence journal.

Organizing for Information Warfare: The Truth is Out There! – Follow-up to the Toaster paper looked at unique organizational challenges associated with addressing the IW threat.

Generation Hack – First person report from an underground hacker convention was first published in Upstart Magazine.

Taking Cyberterrorism Seriously – Short paper response to an article on cyberterrorism that appeared in the Washington Post on June 27, 2002.

Current and Emerging Threats to Information Technology Systems and Critical Infrastructures – Essay written for the Global Business Briefing journal detailed a lot of the basis for threat assessments I was conducting for U.S. government and corporate clients.

Communication of Threats – Commissioned research report on strategies to share intelligence within the U.S. transportation infrastructure.

Political Aspects of Class III Information Warfare: Global Conflict and Terrorism – My presentation notes from the Second International Conference on Information Warfare and Security.

Most popular blog posts:

23 Devices My iPhone Replaced – This blog post in 2009 where I discussed the devices I no longer needed once I started carrying an iPhone was written highlighted by famous entrepreneurs and the media.

The Year of Living Cyberdangerously – My spider sense predicted a brave new world of cyber threats.

I am big data and so are you – A guest lecture in my Georgetown class by former DIA CTO Bob Gourley sparked some thinking about individuals getting access to the data being collected about them.

Gov 2.0 Camp reaction – My first experience with a “camp” style conference was focused on the role of technology in governance.

Back to the basement – The day I walked away from the company I had founded was one of the hardest of my life, but it opened up a world of new opportunities.

Virtual Reality Paper from 1993 – Before Neo awakened to the existence of the Matrix and before Mark Zuckerberg donned his first Oculus Rift VR goggles, I was writing about the relationship between immersive virtual reality, philosophy, and human behavior (adopting a position of do no harm).