Saw this interesting list and decided to come up with four additional books to add to it.

The first four SF books you should read if you’re working in social media

My additions:

Eastern Standard Tribe – Cory Doctorow

Great story with a backdrop of feeling connected via what time zone you are online.

Global Frequency – Warren Ellis

What happens with average citizens try to change the world as part of a real-time reactive global network that can handle any challenge. This is a graphic novel, but exceptionally done. You can also find a pilot for the failed TV project if you search in the right places.

Interface – Neal Stephenson
What if our political candidates reacted to our Twitter feeds? I’m Cool enough to have a copy of this published under the name Stephen Bury, the pen name Stephenson originally used until he was outed.

Gridlinked – Neal Asher
Trying to save a civilization with extreme grid withdrawal.

If you enjoy them or have any additional recommendations, comment below.