My favorite independent musician and friend Scott Albert Johnson has given me permission to release this live track on my blog for free.   The track is for sale at Scott’s site along with his debut album which is highly recommended.

Scott is a very talented musician who, along the lines of Jonathan Coultan and Geoff Smith, is working to make his music passion a full-time endeavor.   I’ve written about his debut album here on my blog in the past (Umbrella Man review).  I’m a big fan and happy to hear that Scott is working on a follow-up album (which I’ve already pre-ordered).  I’ve seen Scott perform live a few times in DC and the shows are always excellent.  I love Scott’s original portfolio of songs and I’m a huge fan of his cover of Peter Gabriel’s “I don’t remember”, which exceeds the original on so many levels.  I was pleased to hear from Scott that, based on my feedback, he’ll be including that cover track on his forthcoming album!

Magnolia Road is off Scott’s debut album.  It is not my favorite song on the album but it is a crowd favorite and will give you a good exposure to his vocal and harmonica talents.  If you can find someone that is better on harmonica than Scott (excluding John Popper of Blues Traveller), please let me know!

If you like the track, please go and buy the album.  If you aren’t happy with your purchase, I’ll buy you a drink the next time I see you. If you want to sample a few more tracks visit Scott’s MySpace page.

In the meantime, enjoy your free download of Magnolia Road live: