I was featured in this film. Uncertain if I will attend the New York event or not.

Update:  I will be at the NY event.  If you want to meet-up let me know. 

Enterprise application security solutions provider Fortify Software will present the world premiere of a new documentary, The New Face of Cybercrime in private screenings at three cities — San Francisco, New York, and London — this month. An expert panel discussion about cybercrime and a reception will follow each screening.

This film by Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Frederic Golding highlights the impact cybercrime has on consumers and businesses.

When sensitive or private data gets into the wrong hands, the loss is tallied not only in billions of dollars, but in consumer trust as well. The New Face of Cybercrime showcases security experts, hackers, and executives discussing the evolving threats to information security and the need for security measures that are several steps ahead of these threats. Featured in the film are these experts: Matthew Devost, CEO, The Terrorism Research Center; James Routh, CISO, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation; Lt. Col. Jeff Salyards, USAF, Director, Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory; Mike Ullman, Chairman and CEO, JC Penney Company Inc.

“Fortify Software commissioned this film because we, along with many other experts, believe that the threat of cybercrime has reached unprecedented levels,” said John M Jack, president and CEO of Fortify Software. “No one is safe. To defend your systems, you must know not only who might attack you now but also who might attack you in the future and how. We’re talking about a level of protection where every application itself will need to be impervious to attack, so the information behind it is protected.”

Following the screenings, panels of security experts will discuss what executives must know to protect their organizations’ most critical assets against the growing threat of cybercrime. These panels will include the following authorities: Marco Bavassano, Director, Telecom Italia; Mark Hughes – Director BT Goup, Security; Gary McGraw, CTO, Cigital – Author of Software Security; Roger Thornton, Founder & CTO of Fortify Software; Mike Evans, Security Manager, Visa.

The New Face of Cybercrime” will be screened at the following locations and dates: San Francisco, Metreon, Private Theater— January 17; New York, Tribeca Grand Hotel — January 24
London, Apollo West End—January 29.