Fascinating post.  No way to determine accuracy, but it jives with informal comments I’ve heard about the contents of confinscated laptops.

But it’s Islambase’s Hamza who shows himself to be the least likely pure Islamist. He is the most regular poster on Islambase and when he’s not glorifying terror or insulting Jews, Hindus, Kafir and everyone else on the face of the planet, he’s posting Global News stories, designed not to pierce the Islambase bubble – nice stories about how well Al Qaeda is actually doing (really…promise!) and how corrupt the West is (his favourite posts are about paedophiles and men having sex with bicycles).

Hamza requires a psychiatrist but none advertise themselves on Islambase. Luton-based Hamza uses a network computer and a private one – he’s caught on both. What he gets up to on the private one is most fascinating:

In one keyboard impression trail, Hamza shows himself up as a genuine sicko; visiting the site Strangeland.com, he goes to a section entitled Death Flix and watches a video called “Leftovers from suicide bomb”, then a video called “Iraqi execution: WARNING GRAPHIC” before tucking into some “Franz Reichelt Jumps Off the Eiffel Tower with his Coat Parachute and Dies”. He then switches to Strangeland’s porn section where he watches several short clips including: “Wifey in the shower”, “Trapeze titties on Titty Tuesday”, “Pedifile’s Punishment” and “Santa’s Jugs”.

After seventeen minutes on Strangeland, he goes for something even more hardcore on a site called Puretna. Clicking on “TNAFlix full length streaming porn movies for free!!!” he then clicks on “Long Videos” and starts browsing by category. I won’t print here the results of the category search he undertakes but – according to the Russians – the categories he searches through include “Gay/Bi-Male”, “SheMale/Trans” and “Home Made”.  [Link—>]