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On December 13, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

Haft of the Spear found this gem. Which is only funny in the context of this paper “Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster?

Can you imagine a toaster hacking a computer? That’s true. In fact any kitchen appliance can be used for attacking your computer system, said Dror Shalev, a hacker from Israel, during the international convention of hackers ‘Clubhack 2007’ held recently.

In his demonstration at the convention, Shalev left the audience amazed by actually hacking a computer with a toaster. Shalev, who is a security expert at Check Point Software Technologies in Israel, was one of the foreign speakers at the international convention.

He said that any home device could be connected with a software prototype to hack a computer. “I read a senior scientist from Google saying there was no need to be afraid of a toaster at home,” Shalev told The Indian Express. “But as a hacker I came up with a toaster that could actually hack a computer. I call it a ‘Crazy Toaster’.” [Link—>]


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