The Future of the Workplace: No Office, Headquarters in Cyberspace

On August 28, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

Increasingly true it would seem: Imagine a work world with no commute, no corporate headquarters and perhaps not even an office in the physical world at all. For Bob Flavin, a computer scientist at IBM; Janet Hoffman, an executive at a management consulting firm; and Joseph Jaffe, a marketing entrepreneur, the future is already here. […]

8 Gig of Crapware on a New Sony Machine

On August 27, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

Pocketables relates their experience with a new Sony laptop which resonates with my earlier post entitled Swearing of Sony.   They found 8 gig worth of bloatware installed by Sony on the device!  Link —>

Home Studio Diagram

On August 25, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

For those asking, here is a diagram showing how my home studio is set up (Download the PDF to zoom – homestudio.pdf) Overview: iMac 24″ – Runs all web apps for audio input (Skype, iTunes, GarageBand, etc.) and encodes ShoutCast stream via NiceCast Stanton Mixer receives the following inputs: Heil PR40 Mic, Sirius Radio, XM […]

Once You Go Mac

On August 25, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

I’ve finally eliminate the last remaining Windows machines in my office.  As of this week, my audio PCs (three of them) have been replaced with a single iMac that is handling the encoding of my ShoutCast stream will all audio looped through my Stanton mixer.  Now maybe I can do those podcasts that Tanji and […]

Grand Central Screws Up

On August 17, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of a unified number? When you sign up it is to have one number for life that you can put on business cards, etc. Now they are killing mine… We are sorry to inform you that your GrandCentral number (703) 552-xxxx will need to be changed as of August 25, […]

I am my Avatar…

On August 14, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

Interesting article in the NYT about an academic that proposes that we are living in a computer simulation.  Interestingly, I wrote a paper looking at that same concept in 1993 (email me if you want a copy).  I took it one step further and argued that such a reality, or lack thereof, was perfectly supported […]

Why the iPhone Fails as an International Business Phone

On August 8, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

I am currently on travel in Amman, Jordan.  Prior to my departure, I contacted AT&T to see if they had an international data roaming plan for the iPhone similar to the one I have had for Blackberry devices for several years.  With my Blackberry devices, I paid a flat fee for unlimited international data on […]

Terrorists in World of Warcraft

On August 5, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

Funny pic from Boy Genius Report

Researcher’s Analysis of al Qaeda Images Reveals Surprises

On August 2, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

The first time I’ve missed BlackHat in years and they cover something terrorism related…. Neal Krawetz, a researcher and computer security consultant, gave an interesting presentation today at the BlackHat security conference in Las Vegas about analyzing digital photographs and video images for alterations and enhancements. Using a program he wrote (and provided on the […]

Second Life Terrorism….again.

On August 1, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

This terror campaign, which has been waged during the past six months, has left a trail of dead and injured, and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars’ damage. The terrorists belong to a militant group bent on overthrowing the government. But they will never be arrested or charged for their crimes because they have committed […]

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