I am currently on travel in Amman, Jordan.  Prior to my departure, I contacted AT&T to see if they had an international data roaming plan for the iPhone similar to the one I have had for Blackberry devices for several years.  With my Blackberry devices, I paid a flat fee for unlimited international data on my device (no tethering, etc).  However, AT&T offers no unlimited international data plan for the iPhone.  Instead, I was offered a data plan that caps out at 20meg per month and then charges for incremental data after that.

After three days of use only checking my mail (no web browsing, no stock or weather checking) I had reached the 20meg mark which resulted in me turning of the email checking on the phone and eliminating one of the key functions of the phone for the remaining 7 days of my stay.

As an business user that travels internationally, I can’t recommend the iPhone over the Blackberry to those that require international email on their phone.  AT&T needs to release an unlimited data plan or at least implement reasonable rates for incremental data used internationally so customers don’t wind up like this guy.