Schwartau goes Mac!

On May 31, 2005, in Security, by Administrator

Break out the ice skates, we’re playing pond hockey in hell.  My good friend and colleague Winn Schwartau has switched to Mac.  This is the same Winn Schwartau that has been ribbing me for two years about my switch to Mac.  The same Winn, who when presenting together at a conference would look at my […]

Mirror Image on CNN

On May 20, 2005, in Media Coverage, by Administrator

To learn more about Mirror Image Training, please [click here]. CNN ran a 7 minute segment on TRC’s Mirror Image training program.  Overall, I thought the piece was very well done, so congratulations to all involved and to the CNN crew for producing such a great piece from a week’s worth of footage.  I’ve posted […]

Wireless AMBER Alerts

On May 17, 2005, in Security, by Administrator

The AMBER alert system has been proven to be very valuable in the early stages of child abduction.  Now, cell phone owners can subscribe to receive wireless AMBER alerts for the zip codes they live and work in.  Messages are sent directly to your cell phone via SMS in real-time.  Most carriers are waiving the […]

Surprise, surprise…

On May 12, 2005, in Security, by Administrator

According to the recently released report: "The Homeland Security Department’s $337 million network for sharing top-secret data does not meet the needs of its users, according to an April report by the department’s Acting Inspector General, Richard L. Skinner. Department officials developing the Homeland Secure Data Network hurried to finish the job in nine months […]

State of Fear

On May 11, 2005, in Security, by Administrator

It is scenes like the one above at our nation’s capital today that re-inforce just how effective terrorism is.

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