Physical attacks against digital targets

Anyone who has seen me present or has been a student in my class is familiar with the matrix below. In fact, this matrix was the guiding principle for an entire conference session in Sweden 18 months ago and I've briefed on it least 300 times to…

Hacking a Terror Network

It was my pleasure to be the technical editor on this book by Russ Rogers. Click here to check it out on

Current and Emerging Threats to Information Technology Systems and Critical Infrastructure

This essay, written for the Global Business Briefing, provides and overview of cyberthreats to critical infrastructures.

Taking Cyberterrorism Seriously

Neal Pollard and I have published an analysis of the implications of cyberterrorism that focuses on the information discussed in today's issue of the Washington Post.

National Security in the Information Age

This is the original copy of my 1995 thesis on information warfare. While I had written earlier essays on the topic, the thesis really represented my thinking and research during the 1993-1995 timeframe.

Generation Hack

This is a popular culture piece written for the now defunct Upstart Magazine. It is a first person perspective from a 1996 hacker conference that I attended.

Organizing for Information Warfare: The Truth is Out There!

Coauthored with Brian Houghton and Neal Pollard, this is the follow-up to our "Toaster" paper. Written in 1997, it was exclusively circulated within the U.S. government, but was later made available to the general public.

Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster?

Coauthored with Brian Houghton and Neal Pollard, this paper won the 1996 Sun Tzu Art of War Research Award and has been published by the National Defense University Press, Terrorism and Political Violence Journal, and Jane's Newsletter.

DDOS Editorial

This editorial was written shortly after the Distributed Denial of Service attacks in 2000. It describes the emerging issue of legal liability associated with poor security practices. In 2002, we actually have courts taking action in this critical…