“‘I’d say we have really seen a growth in that particular market over the last five years,’ said FusionX CEO Matthew Devost, referring to an uptick in revenue for his business from services purchased by investors. Devost’s company, which was acquired by Accenture in August 2015, leverages offensive cyber capabilities to test clients’ digital defenses. 

FusionX is traditionally employed by investors to conduct tests during a pre-funding stage or in preparation of a merger, acquisition or initial public offering, said Devost. In the past, FusionX has worked closely with clean-tech, biotech and several large software companies to improve cybersecurity on behalf of their investors. Currently, the Reston, Va.-based cybersecurity company is working with a cohort of prominent, well-funded private equity firms that use its services to understand the strengths and weakness of their portfolio companies. Devost, once a senior adviser to the Department of Defense, declined to discuss clients by name.”

Source: Startup investors are looking to hackers for help on smart bets