Here is a quick review of the iPhone applications I’ve installed on my phone:


WordPress – Post to your WordPress blog.  Very well done application allows for basic blog management and posting.

Evernote – Allows recording of text and voice notes that sync over the cloud to your Evernote account.  Your notes created with the desktop application and via your web browser are also available via your phone.  If you upload a photo with text Evernote will OCR it and make the text searchable from all platforms.  If I could get the iPhone camera to take a clear picture of a business card, that functionality alone would be a great reason to use Evernote.

Jott – Record voicenotes or text notes.  Voice notes you record are translated to text and sent to you via email or other preferred delivery platform.  I have the Jott toll-free number stored on my phone as well which can be used to call in notes that get sent to people on my contact list as email messages.  Alternatively, I can tell Jott to send the text of the message to my To Do list at

30+ more applications after the jump –

Todo – I am using “Todo” and not “To Do”.  The presence of that space between the words is important in the App store.  This is a full featured ToDo list that syncs with my Remember the Milk account over the air. For me Remember the Milk has become the central hub in my to do environment.

Recall – Record voice and text notes.  I’m not using this application much as it is duplicative, but still fun to play with.  It has a magic eight ball mode where you can shake it and get a random to do task or reminder to pop up on the screen.

Shopping List – I’m using this exclusively for our grocery store list.  Gave it the run through at Wegmans on Sunday and it worked great.

Splash ID – Store sensitive information such as passwords, credit card numbers, etc.  Syncs with the desktop application which is something its competitors lack at this point.

PayPal – Send money.  This was a killer feature on my first generation Palm PDA. Can’t believe I am finally getting it back.

iTip – Calculate multi-party restaraunt tips with a nice clean interface.

Mocha VNC lite – VNC client just works.  Can’t wait for SSH.


New York Times – NYT on your iPhone.  Cool implementation, but a bit slow at times.  Good enough for me to cancel my Kindle NYT subscription.

Mobile News Network – AP stories with localization based on where you are.  Nicely implemented and fast performing application.

Google Reader – I am still using the web version of this, but given I consume a majority of my news this way, I’d be remiss to not mention it.  I’d love to see a dedicated Google Reader application.

WeatherBug – All the WeatherBug goodness you would expect.  Current conditions including temp, windspeed, humidity which are all location aware.  In addition a tab for a Google Map with weather radar overlay and a tab for images from live images from local WeatherBug stations.

Google Mobile App – Location aware front-end to Google maps data to locate points of interest.

VelaClock – A very nicely done world clock with graphical representation of where it is day and night and includes sunrise/sunset times as well as moon cycles.

YPMobile – Yellow pages as implemented by AT&T which are location aware.

Talking Spanish Phrasebook – Not just a reference guide, it actually speaks the included phrases for you.

Social Networking:

Facebook – Facebook on your iPhone in a nice clean implementation that includes access to your inbox.

Twitterific – A full featured Twitter application.

Twinkle – A location aware Twitter app that will actually show you tweets from people within a give radius of you (assuming they are using Twinkle too).  Fascinating to watch the tweets next to me and within the DC metro region.

Yelp – Mobile implementation of Yelp guides.  Not bad, but I find the content in Yelp in the DC area just isn’t up to par with other cities.

Vicinity – Another location aware app to identify nearby points of interest including items from Wikipedia and Flickr photos.  Interesting to view Flickr based on geographic proximity.

Smugshot – iPhone interface for posting pictures to SmugMug, which is my photo hosting provider of choice.

Nearby – Lists what is nearby you.  Database seems lacking.  Lots of churches and farms when I look at the list of what is nearby my house.

Loopt – The best implementation of location aware social networking on the iPhone yet. See where your friends are on a map, get updated as to what they are doing and ping or message them.  I’d love to see a way to connect with other Loopt users in the area (maybe a private and public tab).  Right now I don’t have enough friends on the service to make it that much fun.

Graffitio – Interesting concept.  I think this is very disruptive technology if they can take it to the next level.  Basically, you can create “walls” based on your current location and see the walls around you.  Walls are basically glorified message boards, but I’ve seen them emerging for restaurants and points-of-interest in Arlington, VA, one of which announced a happy hour special.  If they can take this to the next level and deal with what is an almost unbearably slow infrastructure and add media capabilties such as voicenotes or photos this will be a very interesting application.


Pandora – Pandora on the iPhone streaming. Outstanding implementation. – Their implementation on the iPhone.  I’ve had some infrastructure issues with this one not being as responsive as Pandora, but still worthy of a spot on my phone.

Tuner – Plays Shoutcast streams.  You can find just about anything you want on Shoutcast and this is an excellent implementation.   Like having a good quality short wave radio and satellite radio receiver on your iPhone.

AOL Radio – seems to be the only terrestrial radio application that gets it.  Nice ability to tune into local stations via streaming.

Shazam – Hear a song you like…let your iPhone hear it with this application and it will identify it for you.  Amazing magical application.  I can’t believe how accurate it is and how deep their database is.

Midomi – Same concept as Shazam, but lets you hum, sing or tap out the song as well as record from an original source.  Surprisingly accurate, but the killer feature is the ability to listen to other users attempts to sing the song!   I can’t wait to show that feature off!

Remote – another Apple application allows you to control iTunes via your iPhone.  Incredibly useful application.  I use it all the time.

Just for Fun

Tap Tap Revenge – Guitar hero on your iPhone.  Lacking songs, but lots of fun.

MotionX Poker – Dice implementation of a poker game.  By far, the best game application on the iPhone thus far.   Outstanding graphics and you shake your iPhone to roll the dice.

MotoRacer – Motorcycle racing game that utilizes the accelerometer in the iPhone.

Super Monkey Ball – I was excited to play this accelerometer based game, but found myself quickly bored.

Sketches – Drawing application with stencils you can overlay on a blank canvas or snapped image.

Texas Hold-em – Apple computer developed poker game.  Very well done.  Once I realized I could rotate the screen to change my game view this game became 10X more pleasant to play.

Tic-tac-touch – Tic-tac-toe.  My daughter loves it.

Trism – Bejeweled style game with some interesting orientation elements that play into the game controls.

More Cowbell – You gotta have more cowbell

Phonesaber – Jedi iPhoners unite.

iBeer – I wish there were some way to mute the burp.

Light – use your phone as a flashlight.  I’ve done this too many times to count, so might as well have an application for it.