The Terrorism Early Warning Group concept fulfills the intelligence
requirements outlined in Homeland Security Directive 8: Interim
National Preparedness Goal. Existing and emerging TEWs can serve as a
foundation for a national intelligence sharing and analysis network
bringing critical information and capabilities to local jurisdictions.
This paper articulates a vision for expanding the Terrorism Early
Warning Group (TEW) network that meets the local and national
requirements as specified in, Homeland Security Presidential Directive
8: Interim National Preparedness Goal (HSPD-8). This paper contains two
core sections; the first of which demonstrates how the TEW concepts
meet the requirements of HSPD-8 specifically, those associated with the
Goal and in the heart of the Goal, the Target Capabilities List (TCL);
the second section describing the vision for utilizing TEW Groups to
enhance our national capabilities in this critical area.  Download Concept Paper (PDF Format)