Ning - roll your own social network

I'd been remiss about checking out Ning and finally took the time after seeing it mentioned in Mike Tanji's Think Tank 2.0 discussions and reading about it in the book Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good. Ning lets users create their own social…

Chertoff interview on cyber issues at Wired

Beware the filching.  I won't summarize it here, just go read it.  [Link--->]

So close yet so far

Amazon at some point has offered the option to by an electronic version of your book for a small sum should you desire immediate access.  If they'd offer this as a Kindle download, perhaps even for free, I think they'd hit a homerun.

iPhone application store - love/hate relationship

I love the iPhone application store.  Third party applications are real enablers on the iPhone and increase the value of the product in incredible ways. I hate the iPhone application store.  I hate the fact that one of my dream programs (iTether)…

Picture this...