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Inspired by Merlin Mann’s list at 43 Folders

SSH – I expect someone will do this shortly. If this phone is running OS X, it is there somewhere to begin with. I want a nice app for this, not a jailbroken command line.

SlingPlayer – Watch my slingbox on my iPhone

Qik – Live video streaming

Traffic Ping – Three buttons to designate current road conditions that gets transmitted over 3G and can be inserted as a layer over Google Maps. Similar to what the dash is doing now, but with one time snapshots.

iTether – Use my iPhone 3G to get a tethered data connection to my laptop.

iLowJack – This would require background services running, but once a day (or every 48 hours or user designated time) prompts me a for a pin. Don’t get the pin right, it transmit the current location to me via email. Might also have an option for a remote wipe of the phone to get rid of personal data. Application checks into a web site every X hours and if “wipe = true” wipes the phone. Obviously, only I should be able to set wipe=true.

iAlert – Location aware program that checks for Alerts in your X mile range. Tornado warnings, severe weather, AMBER alerts, terrorism alerts, traffic warnings, etc. When it notices you are in a new location, it could ask how long you will be there (e.g. I am in Texas for 3 days) and offer an option to push new alerts for that region via SMS for the duration of your trip.

Could also display local news stories by running location aware queries against Google News and returning the results in a nicely formatted RSS feed.

I’d fund this one if there are any iPhone developers out there.

Google Reader – As an application, not a Safari bookmark.  Should include device storage of articles for offline reading.

Network Tools – Ping, traceroute, nslookup, whois (maybe a port scanner?)  in a nice iPhone application.

SecureID – SecureID passcode generator.  I’ve got a dongle for eTrade and one for Paypal.  Would be nice to have a software version of this assuming you can address any security concerns.

iHTTPD – Web server for the iPhone.  Turn it on and off as needed, but it should include a file upload capability to basically create and web-based network drive capability.   Need to grab that file off your phone, turn on the web service and browse to it for download.  Lots of ways this one could play out that are useful.

PGP – Send and read PGP encrypted email.

Salling Clicker – Control my computer for slideshows, etc.   Apple Remote application on steroids.  Would also love to see some of the more advanced features like screen lock when phone goes out of bluetooth range, etc.

Contact send via bluetooth – This was a great feature on the Palm devices.  Set one contact as your business card and transmit it to other iPhones via bluetooth.

Flight Tracker – should be easy enough to build of the web based interfaces.


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  1. RSA does provide a software token application for Max OS X:

    Regarding support for the iPhone, stay tuned…

    Phil Darringer, SecurID Product Management

  2. JustCause says:

    Still no RSA token generator for iPhone!! Come on EMC/RSA

    And while you’re at it port it to Mac OS X

  3. Graham says:

    One solution for the problem of having mulitple SecurID hardware tokens would be to have one software token generator and different seed files. This way with one generator, hopefully on my iPhone, I could select which company I want to connect to from a menu when I start the software based SecurID and the generator would select the correct code sequence for that company, I would enter my PIN for that company and then enter the passcode into the VPN dialog for that company.
    All this would require, in my case, a token generator for the iPhone though 🙁

  4. JustCause says:

    RSA SecureID Token Software- passcode generator needs to be released like yesterday!!!!!

  5. H. Bart says:

    FYI: the “Leave a Comment” function does not refresh properly with Safari (3.1.2, Mac)

  6. H. Bart says:

    Hi Vin, could you note the email address of the RSA product manager? I would like to write him a note concerning the SecureID token emulation, too. So if there are many mails, maybe it will find its way from the wish-list to the todo-list.

  7. H. Bart says:

    Hi Vin, could you place the e-mail of the RSA product manger? I would like to send him a not that a SecureID token emulation would be very nice, too. So maybe if there are a lot of mails it will find its way from the wish-list to the todo-list…

  8. Vin McLellan says:

    Opps! I beg your pardon, Matt. I was apparently wrong. I just got a note from the RSA product manager telling me that there is no SecurID token emulation package for the iPhone. RSA (for which I do some consulting) has such an app on its “product roadmap” — but it’s still on the wish-list! Mea culpa! The implementation guide I referred you to was for an iPhone agent which allows you to use a traditional SecurID hardware token to access a VPN with your iPhone.

    The problem you allude to — a consumer forced to carry multiple tokens — is difficult to address. Old timers in the industry call this the “necklace problem,” which for me always conjures up an image of a Cargo Cult native dancing with a chain of SecurIDs around his neck. Getting multiple institutions to cooperate in an authentication network (so one token can give access to several networks) is politically difficult.


  9. MattD says:

    Thanks for the clarification. I’ve started to think of SecureID as a blanket concept which is clearly not accurate given it should describe a specific implementation of the concept.


  10. Vin McLellan says:

    > SecureID – SecureID passcode generator.

    Already available. See the SecurID/iPhone implementation guide at:

    The Paypal authentication token is not a RSA SecurID, it comes from different vendor and uses a different technology.

    – iPhone VPN/SecurID only works with Apple and MS VPNs
    – While I know it works with iPhone v1, I haven’t seen any reports of how well it works with iPhone2 firmware. Anyone try it?


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