I have three ReadyNAS devices.  In general, I’ve been very happy with them, but there is a power supply issue that has resulted in all three devices failing.  The first two failed prior to the NetGear purchase and my support requests were responded to quickly and replacement parts were sent for self-installation.  The new parts, with an updated firmware have resulted in those two devices operating perfectly since then.

The third device failed after the purchase by NetGear.  Here is how NetGear responded to my request detailing this was a known issue and that I was intimately familiar with replacing this part: 6/10/2008 10:02:00 PM

Agent ID:1402

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for choosing NETGEAR. My name is Vinoth and I will be your support engineer.

We will be working to assist you in resolving the issue you described. We are doing this online it may require a few mail exchanges before we can resolve the issue. We will do our best to help resolve your case at the least possible time.

Based on the complexity of this case, it may be appropriate for me to seek additional resources. I recommend escalating your case to the next level for further review and response. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

This message is for your information only. There is no additional action needed from you at this time. The next level support engineer will update the case and you will be notified.

Thanks again for choosing NETGEAR. Have a great day!


Technical Support

That was the last I heard from them despite my refreshing the ticket three times since then.  The ReadyNAS is not a cheap device, costing nearly $3,000.00 fully configured and serves a critical function (network attached storage for backup).  While I like the product in general, I can’t recommend it after failing to receive support from NetGear on what should be a simply issue.  This particular device was providing backup functionality at a 65 person company and all data currently stored on it is inaccessible until we get the power supply replaced.

Buyer beware.  Dealing with NetGear means living without customer support for your products.