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On April 5, 2004, in Security, by Administrator

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  1. Charles Devost says:

    Hi,I came up on this article which was wrote by Harvey Devost and i think he is my uncle,I would like to know how to get in touch with him ????

  2. Harvey DEVOST says:

    I recently found your site while seaching for members of the DEVOST family. Frankly, I’m greatly surprised to read so much misunderstanding on the source and reason for terrorism. If one reads history, it is more than evident that terrorism is nothing but the plain humane reaction to some kind of ongoing oppression or injustice or man-made differences such as religions.

    Arabs do not like Jews because they have different religion and want to occupy the same land. Nobody can alter the religeous aspect (at least in the short term) but the land claim could quickly and fairly be settled if major powers really wanted.

    Chechenians to not like Russians because they occupy their country. There is only one solution. Russians should go back to Russia, the same way as the French returned from Algeria.

    Arabs (and an increasing number of other nations) don’t like Americans because you want to impose your mercantile type of american democracy on them.

    People in Irak do not like Americans because you occupy their country. The solution in simple, why not go back home and leave those people (in Irak) live and be governed the way they want. If they prefer a king or a dictator to American style Democracy, why not. One cannot impose democracy. The Romans tried that 20 centuries ago and they ran out of soldiers and slaves to impose their views and ways. Hitler and Staline tried to impose their special type of democarcy/leadership and they also failed.

    Frankly, I think that the USA should revise their approach and learn to deal with other nations with more respects. More Alert Levels would not be necessary if you pull most of your armed forces back home and let the rest of the world live the way they want. Policing the world is not a must and certainly not a way to make friends. Trying to find more ways to convince other nations to change their rulers and the way they are governed is futile.

    Stop spending your resources on the wrong objectives. There is so much you could do right home without having to put your nose in everybody’s affairs and specially where it is not wanted. Be a better nation to live in and the message will eventually travel to other nations. Others will sooner or latter adopt part of your ways (the good and bad ones) but not necessarily all. Please stop forcing your American way of life on others and the world will be better of.

    Best regards

    Harvey DEVOST
    Montreal, CANADA

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