I was only kidding about the terrorists folks…

On February 12, 2004, in Security, by Administrator

But this analyst can’t resist.

“With the open source community, there are a large percentage of tinkers and ‘ankle biters’ who are trying their hand at hacking. Some are even communicating with each other. So it only takes one or two of these groups sharing information to be able to pull something off. When you have this type of passion, it’s hard to fight because these people are like virtual suicide car bombers.”


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  1. Stodge says:

    BusinessWeek ‘Blog’ exposes Laura DiDio’s wonky techniques

    This article from BusinessWeek’s new blog-format section is just great. Steve Hamm has attempted to pierce the veil of obfuscation and mis-information surrounding certain analysts reports. For example the Yankee Group published claimes that businesses …

  2. TheTrininty says:

    That is a quote by Laura Didio. Her comments were removed from the original article because so many people were offended.

    Actually, your blog is one of only a few places on the internet that recorded Didio’s words before they were deleted.

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