Losing Hacker Jeopardy

On August 5, 2003, in Security, by Administrator

You win some and you lose some on a technicality. Yes, we took on the famous hacker Kevin Mitnick and his team and we were ahead going into final Jeopardy. We bet it all on the final Jeopardy question and they bet it all minus $10. We answered the question correctly and they answered it wrong, but we got beat because we didn’t answer the question in the form of a question! Go figure…a moral victory and a technical loss! Regardless, our team made a strong showing and we had lots of fun. Seeing Hacker Jeopardy up close really gives you an appreciation for how much work Winn and G. Mark put into it, most of which goes unappreciated.


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  1. Eric Bazerghi says:

    We were robbed, plain and simple. 🙂
    Either way, I’m sure it’s more attractive for the Defcon organizers to be able to say that Kevin will be present, instead of “Come see our returning champs, Matt, Eric and Brett!”.
    It was lots of fun, and I look forward to going back next year and kicking some butt with our team… What is “Remember to formulate all my answers in the form of a question?”

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