And they call it journalism

UPDATE: I dropped an email to the author of the piece mentioned below noting my frustration with his methods and the misquote. To my surprise he actually responded with an apology and fixed the article. So the quote you will read below is…

ABC Radio (Australia) Speech Transcript

ABC Radio in Australia ran an edited version of a public speaking engagement I did while I was there. The broadcast ran well after I had left the country, so I didn't get a chance to hear it, but the transcript is available below.

Anti-war protesters go digital

As bombs blasted Baghdad last week, dozens of cell phones in China buzzed with messages about where to stage an anti-war protest. In Cairo, activists tapped out text messages to summon 5,000 demonstrators to a central square. And in San Francisco,…

Sweden beats U.S. as top Web-savvy nation

I've learned to never try and out-drink a Swede. I guess, I'll have to resort to being number two at surfing the Internet as well. "Sweden has overtaken the United States as the Web-savviest nation on the planet, a survey showed on Tuesday. One…

Cyberterrorism Seen as Future Threat

People intent on committing cyberterrorism are likely to attack critical elements of the world's computer infrastructure in the future, but they do not yet have the capability to do so, a U.S. expert on cyberterrorism said last week. Full Story