Taking Cyberterrorism Seriously

Neal Pollard and I have published an analysis of the implications of cyberterrorism that focuses on the information discussed in today's issue of the Washington Post.

Cyber-Attacks by Al Qaeda Feared

This article which appears in the June 27 edition of the Washington Post, if proven true, substantially changes the near-term cyberterrorism threat landscape. The TRC will likely issue a media release regarding this story, which I will post here.…

When Terror Hides Online

This article from Time magazine is a perfect example of a journalist twisting interview comments to convey the journalist's message rather than the opinions of the interviewee.

InfoWarCon 2002

Looking forward to InfoWarCon this year. I've arranged a series of speakers that include John Sullivan, Jason Healey, Neal Pollard and Walter Purdy. The Terrorism Research Center is a sponsor of the conference and several of us will be there…

A Most Deadly Game

TechTV's Cybercrime show interviewed me regarding Jim Bell's "Assassanitation Politics" essay. This was a tough interview as elements of the Bell case walk a fine line between civil liberties and civil security.

Chaos: The Coming Technology War

An interesting article from Newfactor that discusses our original DIRT concept from 1996.

Server Move Complete

The devost.net domain has been officially moved to the new server and new site format. Unfortunately, my previous hosting provider had serious billing issues and I won't be using them any more.

National Security in the Information Age

This is the original copy of my 1995 thesis on information warfare. While I had written earlier essays on the topic, the thesis really represented my thinking and research during the 1993-1995 timeframe.

Kartoo Search Engine

I stole this from Eric's site. It is an interesting implementation of a search engine with graphical results displayed in a spider's web format with the most significant hit showing up at the largest node. I especially like results that are…

Sector5 Global Summit

I will serve as one of five masterminds during this global summit exploring cyberterrorism and critical infrastructure protection on August 21-23, 2002Conference Info