This book, Counterterrorism: Bridging Operations and Theory, is meant to help facilitate the gulf between those engaging in applied aspects of counterterrorism–essentially early warning, pre-emption response, mitigation, and consequence management–and those who are studying the underlying components of terrorism itself–e.g. how to define it, its causation, radicalization processes, group evolutionary patterns, and incident lessons learned–in order to better understand this phenomena for counterterrorism research purposes. Often such a diverse grouping of professionals and scholars are not found together in a project such as this because their paths do not normally cross.

With over fifty contributors to this work–including internationally recognized scholars such as John Arquilla, Martin van Creveld, Brian M. Jenkins, Thomas X. Hammes, Rohan Gunaratna, David Kilcullen, David Ronfeldt, and Gregory Treverton–it will appeal to professionals in the areas of counterterrorism, homeland security, and security studies.

Full listing of contributors: Dr. John Arquilla * Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter * Matt Begert * Dr. Stefan Brem * Michael Brooks * Dr. Robert J. Bunker * Rick Y. Byrum * Lisa J. Campbell * Irina A. Chindea * Dr. Martin van Creveld * James P. Denney * Matthew G. Devost * T. Kessara Eldridge * Adam Elkus * Dr. Fadi Essmaeel * Dr. Christopher Flaherty * Phillip W. Fouts * Dr. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross * Dr. Russell W. Glenn * Scott Gerwehr * Dr. Lester W. Grau * Thomas Greco * Dr. Daniel S. Gressang IV * Dr. Rohan Gunaratna * Dr. Thomas X. Hammes * Jennifer (Demmert) Hardwick * Daniel P. Heenan * Dr. Brian K. Houghton * Ali A. Jalali * Brian Michael Jenkins * Dr. Peter Katona * Hal Kempfer * Dr. David Kilcullen * James T. Kirkhope * Dr. Scott P. Layne * Ernest (Ernie) J. Lorelli * Dr. Prem Mahadevan * Paul M. Maniscalco * Kevin R. McCarthy * Jason Pate * William C. Patrick III * Ralph Peters * Dr. Raymond Picquet * Caitlin Poling * Byron Ramirez * John Robb * Dr. David Ronfeldt * Mitchell D. Silber * Dr. Joshua Sinai * Dr. Erroll G. Southers * Dr. John P. Sullivan * Michael Tanji * Dr. Gregory F. Treverton * Donald E. Vandergriff * G.I. Wilson