Georgetown COSC511

I've recently received an appointment as Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University to teach COSC511 "Information Warfare and Security". This class was previously taught by Dorothy Denning and I am honored to take it over. If you are a student…

Secret Service Session

I will be providing a lecture on "Electronic Crime Threats and Vulnerabilities - A Realistic Overview" at the U.S. Secret Service Charlotte Electronic Crimes Taskforce Training Week on September 27, 2002.


Once again, I will be participating in InfoWarCon. I've been an active participant since InfoWarCon 2, which was 8 years ago. I will be running a program track on Intelligence/Terrorism. Look for the TRC group at the happy hour or at the Swedish…

InfoWarCon 2002

Looking forward to InfoWarCon this year. I've arranged a series of speakers that include John Sullivan, Jason Healey, Neal Pollard and Walter Purdy. The Terrorism Research Center is a sponsor of the conference and several of us will be there…

Sector5 Global Summit

I will serve as one of five masterminds during this global summit exploring cyberterrorism and critical infrastructure protection on August 21-23, 2002Conference Info

Council of Security and Strategic Technology Organizations

I will be speaking at this conference regarding cyberterrorism and IT security threats on October 14-17, 2002. Conference Info

Census Annual Security Day

I will provide a plenary on cyberterrorism at the Census Bureau annual security day conference on June 18, 2002. Conference Info