Facebook is about to eat Twitter for lunch. I’m slowly recognizing that more and more of my activity is migrating from Twitter to Facebook. I’ve also been wondering if Apples upcoming IOS 5 integration with Twitter is a strategic mistake on Apple’s part? What will it take for Facebook to finish Twitter off? Here’s my lists of recommendations of what to do and not do.

Give me a separate “subscribed” news feed – I want to be able to toggle back and forth between people I am subscribed to and people I am friends with in my newsfeed. An integrated view is nice, but sometimes I just want to see my friends and vice versa.

Public Subscribe Button – I already have a button for follow me on Twitter and a button to friend me on Facebook. What we need now is a Subscribe to my public Facebook feed button. It should allow folks to easily subscribe vid Facebook.

Default responses to site discussions via Facebook to “public” – Imagine the community engagement when people bring their subscribers to the discussion via promotion through their public feed.

Stop Auto-generating friend lists – I like the ability to generate custom lists to categorize my friends, but honestly I really only feel the need right now to have two lists. Friends and subscribers. That said, I’m overwhelmed at all the lists Facebook has auto-generated for me. I want to shut that feature off. I don’t need lists for where I live, where I went to school, where I’ve worked. It is almost like getting flogged for having too diverse a social graph.

Search baby, search – Real-time and historic search of my newsfeed and the overall public stream equals absolute killer feature. Facebook will have Twitter (which has never managed search well) and Google trembling.

Integrate subscribe concept into Pages – I’d like a more discreet ability to add page content to my newsfeed. Currently, you can “like” a page and it will show up in your stream, but it also shows up in your profile. It would be nice to have an ability so subscribe to a page without public disclosure or (implied) endorsement of the page.