I’m excited to take a look at the new MacBook Air laptops that Apple released today. Excellent form factor with decent performance might make them the ultimate travel machines. It seems clear that these devices are targeted at folks who already have a computer, but want a portable computer for when they are out and about. Thinking about how this model applies to me, the MacBook Air is a perfect device, with one significant shortcoming.

I want it to sync with iTunes on my desktop.

It occurs to me that managing my media library on these devices is a huge hinderance. I have a Mac Pro desktop that stores by massive music library and makes it available over my home network to any connected device. However, when I am on the road, none of that content is accessible to my laptop. There are lots of solutions that allow me to sync an entire library, but what if I only want to sync a subset given the storage limitations of a portable device.

I’d love to be able to plug my MacBook Air into my Mac Pro and sync it just like any other device in iTunes, including the ability to move over rented movies. This seems like the optimal solution for managing media across portable systems. It works for my iPhone and my iPad, why not implement in the MacBook Air?