I’m a big fan of Apple. Anyone that reads this blog is certainly aware of that fact. However, I can’t believe that Apple is getting a free pass in the media over all the iPhone issues users are encountering. For example, on my iPhone:

  • A backup takes 8-12 hours for 12GB of data over USB 2.0!
  • Application installation takes several hours as well for a few MB of data.
  • Huge corruption issues with the phone. Mine went dead on me, and A-list blogger like Leo LaPorte are experiencing the same issue.  On restore, the phone is taking over three hours to install only 916MB of data.
  • Applications fail on the phone all the time.

I had to laugh today at the Apple Genius bar when Johnny the Genius told me that he couldn’t tell me how to get the phone in restore mode.  He said it took him a month to learn it just right.  I tried about 50 times and could not get the timing right.  He did it in two tries. Obviously, there is huge firmware issue that needs to be addressed.  Putting the phone in restore mode should be a simple process that does not require a trip to the Apple store (which cost me two hours of time).

I’m using a Mac Pro with 2TB of hard disk space and 8GB of RAM. I’m running the latest OS, the latest iTunes software, and the latest iPhone firmware, so don’t tell me my local system is to blame. I’ve tried syncs through direct USB connections and via powered USB hubs.  I really hope that firmware 2.1 fixes these issues as they are critical at this point and require more attention than they are getting.