I’ve been playing a little more with the Kindle the past two days, so here are a few more thoughts:

1)  I’ve emailed myself PDF files (free book by Seth Godin) and MOBI files (free copy of Heart of Darkness) and both worked perfectly.  I had to pay $0.10 to get the files to the device (the Mobi could be moved for free), but I didn’t mind paying $0.20 to get two really good pieces of content delivered.  There is a lot of complaining on the Amazon forums about the lack of PDF functionality, but it works fine for me.  My guess is Amazon will release a desktop conversion tool as well.

2)  There are thousands of free MOBI format books available on a multitude of sites like MOBI Free Books.

3)  Battery life is great.  Tonight is the first time I’ve charged the device and I’d say it had about 20% power left when I plugged it in.  Amazon’s claims of 30 hours without a charge seem accurate.

4)  Accidental page forward button presses is an issue.  I’ve seen a lot about this on the web as well and it has happened to me as well.  It is a minor inconvenience at the price of being able to easily press the buttons with one hand.

5)  Newspapers are still my favorite feature.  It is just neat to wake up with papers to read first thing in the morning.

6)  Purchased my first book with no problems (Dreaming in Code)

Overall, I am still very impressed and no buyers remorse yet!