Here are a few more thoughts regarding the iPhone

1) After successfully syncing my two IMAP accounts via iTunes I decided to add one of my Gmail ones (my domain mail hosted via Google Apps).  That seemed to cause the syncing to hang.  I’ve disabled syncing mail accounts for now and it works fine.

2) For some reason, iTunes always needs to sync 11 of my songs everytime I connect.  Maybe those are 11 I played and it is syncing the last played and other meta info?  Not sure if it is doing that or syning those 11 songs again with the device for some reason.

3)  The lack of customization is a real downer.  The last 10 phones I’ve owned, I’ve sent the CTU ringtone via bluetooth and used that as my ringtone.  No ringtone customization allowed on the iPhone.  I hope they change that or I won’t recognize my own phone ringing.

4) Same issue for wallpaper.  The only way I can see to send a new wallpaper for the phone is to a) take the picture from the phone, or b) sync it from iPhoto.  I really don’t want to store photos on this phone, so I have iPhoto sync disabled.  Even if I send the photo to myself in email, the phone offers no way to save it.

5)  This over simplified interface and lack of customization is going to really frustrate the high end users that like to tweak things.  I am sure it will keep the phone very stable, but there will certainly be very few ways to make your phone “unique”.

6)  SMS messaging works like a charm.  Like using iChat

7) After just a few hours of typing, I am willing to declare that if I can get IMAP folder support working, I will get rid of my blackberry.

Things I miss about the N95?

1)  Customization!

2)  Streaming audio.  I love streaming the BBC over wifi on this device.

3) The camera.  The N95 camera is far superior to the iPhone.

4)  SIP VOIP calls. Nice option when you are on wifi.

Of course, I still own and will use the N95 in some capacity.