I’ve spent two full business days with the N80i and given it some really heavy use. Here are some additional impressions…


  • Voice quality is excellent. As good as any cell phone I have used.
  • Pairing with BT headset (Jawbone) worked great. Very seamless.
  • Reception has been good. Certainly equal to my Razr (Cingular as well) and Pearl (t-mobile)
  • User interface continues to be intuitive. Lots of little things (remembering my spot in the address book) that mean a lot but probably go unrecognized most of the time.
  • Camera takes decent pictures. Better than any camera phone I have owned.
  • Battery life is great. I read complaints of this on other reviews, but it has not been an issue. Heavy use and I still have 1/2 charge left. I always charge my cell phone overnight, so getting through two days of talk time on one charge is plenty.
  • Slider is intuitive to use. This is my first slider phone and I am digging it.


  • Won’t pair with my Prius (I blame this on Toyota, not Nokia)
  • Won’t connect to my work WiFi. This is a bit of an issue. It sees the WAP, asks for the WPA password, but then kicks back an error that it can not connect. It is a WPA2 WAP, which I thought was supported.