I decided to become a Typepad customer after hearing about it from Joi Ito.  At the time I was running Moveable Type on a server that I own and wanted a highly reliable, user friendly alternative and I was willing to pay for it.  I moved my personal blog to Typepad and also established a blog for a graduate level course I teach at Georgetown.  All was good….until Typepad started falling apart at the seams.  First it was sluggish performance, which indicated to me that they didn’t have the processing power to back up their installed customer-base.  Then it was mismanagement of upgrades that took all my blogs down for extended periods.  There is a certain amount I am willing to attribute to growing pains, but they’ve exceeded my threshold of tolerance.

So, watch for even bigger changes as Eric helps me get WordPress up and running on my own server again and the Georgetown course blog moves to a wiki.