Three months ago, I wrote that I had stopped listening to radio and spent all my commute time listening to PodCasts.   I’m happy to report that wasn’t a fad and PodCasts have fundamentally changed my interaction with broadcast media.  Gone are Elliot in the Morning, Howard Stern and the Don and Mike show.  I am perfectly content (happier even) to listen to Leo Laporte and Adam Curry. 

PodCasting is also an amazing technological development to observe.  One year ago, it didn’t exist.  Today, it is embraced by 10 million listeners and there are over 6000 folks providing content.  It has progessed to the state that Apple released a version of iTunes today with extensive PodCast support.   If that isn’t mainstream, I don’t know what is.  I would expect that Adam Curry will meet his hundred million listener drive in the next two years.  How long, if ever, would it take Sirius or XM to meet that kind of goal.  My friend Eric got a Sirius unit for Christmas, and now that I got him into PodCasting, he is considering cancelling it.  Wow….talk about a paradigm shift.  I won’t be tuning in the radio again any time soon as I love the fact that I can touch my scroll wheel and be listening or content from the heart of Santa Monica or Guildford UK.

Here are the PodCasts that help me make it through my commute:

  • This Week in Tech
  • Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code
  • KCRW’s the Treatment
  • KCRW’s the Business
  • Evil Genius Chronicles
  • IT Conversations
  • In Our Time
  • 2600 – Off the Hook
  • Rock and Roll Geek Show
  • Inside Mac Radio
  • Coverville

Quite the selection for every mood and if I get bored with them, there are 7990 more to chose from (and counting).