As with the introduction of any new technology, abuses are bound to be rampant. The article below discusses concerns over the inappropriate use of cameras imbedded in cell phones. As I am currently in Japan, I can assure you that camera phones are establishing a strong market presence. For a while I carried around a digital camera the size of a large pen, and the spy museum in Washington DC is supposed to sell cameras hidden in ties, so this problem is certainly not unique to cell phones with cameras. I wonder if the media will cover the first time a cell phone camera is used to catch a criminal in action.

Of course, the district in Japan that sells thousands of these phones also sells cell phone jammers, so if you are worried about someone taking your picture, maybe users will start creating cell phone free zones around their bodies.

“Beware the ubiquitous cell phone, because some of those equipped with cameras are in the hands of perverts bent on invading your privacy…Full Story

p.s. Anyone figured out how to disabled that clicking sound in j-phones yet?