I am currently on travel to Japan speaking on Cyberterrorism issues for Japanese government, business and academic organizations. The trip is sponsored by the State Department and part of their international speakers program. I’ve found the audiences to be very receptive to the topic. I was told that Japanese audiences wouldn’t ask questions, but I’ve had an hour of very topical questions following each of my presentations. This is also the first time that all of my presentations have required an interpreter, which is an interesting experience for me and certainly provides a sense of appreciation for the challenges of that job.

Walking through Tokyo is like stepping into a science fiction novel. The city just has a presence that you can’t avoid….it is everywhere. I am amazed to travel miles by subway, only to emerge to the same exact scenery every time. I’ve yet to see anyone over the age of 10 without a cell phone, yet none of mine will work in Japan due to the regulartory environment. I’ve finally branched out for Tokyo and will be spending two nights in Kyoto, which should give me a feel for an more traditional Japan city.