The latest TRC Training session will take place in Washington, DC. on January 8-10, 2003.

“This class led by nationally recognized terrorism experts including Brian Michael Jenkins, Walter Purdy, Matthew Devost, Tom Walsh, Neal Pollard, Bryan Vossekuil, Dr. Robert Fein, John Sullivan, Andrew Garfield, and special guests, will have numerous opportunities for Q&A. Participants will learn first hand about the current threats from both domestic and international terrorists. Participants will examine threats and the weapons terrorist could use against targets and measures to deter, defeat and mitigate these attacks. Participants will hear about how terrorist train and the “operational acts” they need to conduct to successfully conduct their attacks. Participants will examine the issue of “suicide bombers” and security for special events. Participants will hear from a special security representative regarding aviation security issues for law enforcement officers. Visit for details.