Threats in the Age of Obama

I'm a contributor to this impressive new book that examines what threats we face in the coming years.  An excellent compilation of contributors and expertise which is highly recommended. You can purchase the book at Amazon today

Mac mini as video distribution platform

When I had my house built, I went to the trouble of trying to create a video distribution system that would allow one Tivo/DirectTV receiver to be controlled and broadcast throughout the house. While the system worked in theory, it was plagued with… to become

This is an interesting approach. I'll be curious to see how they make this work. Talk about signal to noise ratios....(AFP)

iPhone News Network

An interesting scenario developed on my drive home, that is a perfect demonstration of emerging technology. First, I read a Twitter message (while stopped at a red light!) that there was major Steve Jobs news and AAPL stock was tanking. I then saw a…