Coming flu epidemic

Employers should be informed of a known flu epidemic set to hit mid-week, which could significantly impact employee turn-out and/or performance.  (Link--->)

Supply chain security

Great regarding a briefing the FBI gave on counterfeit Cisco equipment being sold to U.S. companies and government agencies. Link--->

Test post using MacSpeech Dictate

I am comprising this entire post using MacSpeech Dictate. I'm incredibly impressed at how well the speech recognition works. I've use the software already to send several e-mail messages and to converse with people on Instant Messenger. This…

Flashback to 1997 with Cyber Manhattan Project

So Chertoff is speaking at the RSA conference and we're getting more play regarding a Cyber Manhattan Project.  This idea is anything but new.  In 1997, Winn Schwartau established a groundswell on the same issue but couldn't secure adequate…

Second Life Terrorism - Reality Check

Some interesting factoids coming out of the hearings held last week on multiplayer games/virtual worlds like Second Life.  The most insightful (in my perspective) having to do with the amount of money that flows out of SL: To prevent money…