Pulling the Twitter thread a bit more….

On March 12, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

Andy Carvin writes a more detailed post on how Twitter could save lives.

Karoli doesn’t get it and issues the following challenge “If someone could leave a comment giving me one truly practical reason to use Twitter, I’ll sign up and add them as my first friend, because I seriously don’t understand the buzz around it.”

My earlier post on Twitter was enough to convince her.


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  1. Administrator says:

    Damn, you know how to make a guy feel old. Great to hear from you! Sent you an email to follow-up.

  2. Sean S. Kumar says:

    Matt, this isn’t really a comment – more of a hello. We used to play hockey together with Glenn Hockett and company in Alexandria – I was the teenager on the team. I was just reading through the Wash. Bus. Journal and was surprised to see your picture. It has probably been a decade or so. Anyway, it looks like you and your companies are doing great things. Congratulations. Drop me a line some time if you get a chance. Sean

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