Nine Hundred and eleven days later

As a terrorism expert, I was immediately confronted by the fact that under certain calculations, the bombings in Madrid last week were 911 days after September 11, 2001. provides on of the best explanations on the coincidence that I have…

Quote of the week

"This is not like the Gambino crime family, a Mafia family, where if you just arrest the leaders it goes out of business," said Peter Bergen, a CNN terrorism expert. "This is more like a mass movement, and you can arrest as many people as you want.…

Go Martin

Just a quick posting to draw your attention to the fact that Martin St. Louis is the current NHL leading scorer. Who says short guys can't play in the NHL?

Snowshoe the land in Vermont

Taken up on our land in Vermont last winter.

There can be only one Jodie

At least from a Google page ranking perspective. When it comes to being number one on Google, this is the only Jodie I can endorse.