What sort of crack is Google Page Rank smoking?

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I’ll admit to conducting vanity searches. I do so for the obvious vanity reasons, but also to keep tabs on what people are saying about me, especially given the fact various elements have threatened myself and my family over the years.

For about 5 years, my website has been the top Google result for the keyword “devost”. A few weeks ago, I noticed I moved from #1 to number #50+. This was odd given nothing had changed about my site and there was nothing on the site that should have triggered the wrath of Google….no paid content, no spam in my on my comment pages, etc.

I emailed Google and the problem was fixed in 48 hours. However, two weeks later I am back in the Page Rank gutter. I have no idea why this keeps happening to me. Nothing had changed on my site, and I had introduced a site map to help the Google bots with their analysis of the blog part of my site. I did have that negative post about Google’s stock pricing closing at $666, but I like to think they have more important things to do than censor harmless snickering. I do post a bunch of product reviews, but those products are bought with my personal funds and I give my honest assessment.
I’d still argue that my site is one of the most relevant sites to return for the keyword “devost”. I’ll happily concede the top spot to singer Melissa Devost, but to not be in the top rankings seems absurd. I’d welcome any thoughts on why the Google Page Rank is working so poorly on this issue. It certainly begins to evaporate my blind trust in Google as if I wonder if they are screwing this up, what else are they screwing up?

Pages that rank higher than my own site:

  • My Digg profile
  • My Sourcewatch page
  • My Georgetown page (I am an Adjunct Professor there)
  • A four day old post at Haft of the Spear that links back to a paper on my site!
  • My Amazon profile
  • My Muckety relationship analysis (WTF?)
  • Search results about me on the Washington Post web site
  • A bunch of stuff about books I’ve written

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