AT&T’s miserable failure

On June 29, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

AT&T needs to work on their concept of “customer service”.  Customer service requires communication.  Letting 120 people wait in line for an iPhone when you know you only have 15 to sell is borderline criminal.  Quite honestly, they are lucky they did not have a riot at the location I was at.  The crowd repeatedly asked them for insight into what their stock was so that they could adjust their plans if necessary.  The AT&T store consistently refused to provide any sort of input, not even anything as casual as “me might be able to service 10% of this line”.

I do not understand the requirement for secrecy and I don’t know what they accomplished other than pissing 105 people off.  I know I certainly will never visit that AT&T store again and I have already told several neighbors to boycott it.  The Ashburn, VA store also managed to service 15 customers in 1 hour!  An amazingly incompetent feat.

So I made the trek to the Apple store after calling them and being told “the line is moving fast and we have plenty of phones”.  Upon arriving, it was two minutes until I had my iPhone in hand.  They were selling 15 phones a minute at the Apple store.

I realize a lot of the issue is AT&T not having adequate stock, but that is no excuse for their miserable communication and disrespect for their customers.  I’ll drive out of my way to not patronize that store as a result.


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