Lost inventory items in Second Life

On May 5, 2007, in Technology, by Administrator

It would appear I am not alone with my lost inventory items in SL. Some folks have lost thousands of dollars in virtual property. My losses are really only in the hundred dollar range, but still represent something I bought and owned.

The official Linden Labs response is pathetic and unacceptable.

[12:16] Cory Linden shouts: As is spelled out in the terms of service, you do create content at your own risk in SL. We are making every effort to reduce that loss and I am sorry that it has occurred…

It is also interesting to note that the same Linden Labs crew that will do nothing about fraud in SL has decided to ban “gambling” words from property descriptions. The offending word in my description was “blackjack”. Now if users actually want to host games for the sake of playing and socializing (not gambling) you can’t attract traffic. If they are going to ban games, maybe they should ban tringo, trivia and dance contest too.


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