The MacTel Future

On June 7, 2005, in Technology, by Administrator

Apple computers are moving to Intel processors.  Not sure what I think about that yet.  As a shareholder, I worry about the transition over the next year.   Who wants to buy a Mac when you know a entire new processor base is coming….


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  1. David, I guess you’ve never owned a laptop running an Intel Pentium M (or Centrino) processor. With the built-in cpu throttling as well as other agressive power-saving mechanisms, the chip runs relatively cool and the battery life they provide can only be dreamed of by PowerBook G4 owners.
    I own a Thinkpad T41 with a Pentium M and it runs quite nicely. I prefer my Powerbook G4 for obvious reasons, but give me a Powerbook with a Pentium M cpu and I’ll be in heaven…

    Eric Bazerghi

  2. I do, because the extra heat generated by Intel processors compared to the G4 will turn the laptops into bricks

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