Save the summer!

On June 21, 2004, in Obscurity, by Administrator

In talking with my parents and others on the Canadian border, I am amazed to hear the impact this is having on the local economy and the tourism industry. I am also amazed at the complete lack of attention from U.S. government to remedy the situation. What am I talking about? Visit RAISE THE CAP! for more information.


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  1. Eric Bazerghi says:

    As a Canadian working in the US, I can personally tell you that the ‘Visa’ process for Canadians is in dire need to be streamlined. The US and Canada share extremely large amounts of information in regards to law enforcement, criminal backgrounds, financial info, etc. Why are Canadians still thrown into the same ‘pile’ of applications originating from other countries? What takes months and in some cases years, should theoretically take 3-4 months total for Canadian applications. The opposite should be true also, although I have no insight about the process that Americans must go through in order to work in Canada.
    While the NAFTA Agreement is a step in the right direction, it does NOT remove the burden of the burocracy that one must go through in order for a Canadian to immigrate to the US or work here for longer than a year at a time.
    Canadians and Americans share a long history of cooperation. This cooperation however seems to be slowly dwindling in recent years. As the countries which share the largest common border in the world, we need to work together in order to improve our way of life on BOTH sides of the border.

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